Most men assume that hormone imbalance only occurs to women, within the time of pregnancy and of course as they go through menopause. However, though women experience more hormone fluctuations and changes, men can also have hormonal imbalances as well. As the aging process begins, the bodies vital functions slowly start to age with it which means that our hormones, for both men and women, begin to slow down in their production and abundance too.

For men, testosterone is an essential part of their genetic make-up, where they require sufficient levels of it in order to maintain healthy red blood cells, proper sexual development, proper muscle and hair growth, functioning libido, etc. Men who experience low levels of testosterone or lack there of, may feel the opposite reaction to the majority of those essentials above. When the body lacks proper levels of testosterone, many side effects can occur. Usually low levels of testosterone in men promote higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to hair thinning and loss, breast tissue development, rapid weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction (to name a few). These side effects can be detrimental to the health and furthermore the self-esteem for those experiencing such symptoms.

With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Toronto (BHRT), medical professionals have been able to solve this issue of hormone imbalance with many different options available! To start, BHRT is a naturally sourced plant-derived hormone therapy that is able to work safely and effectively in conjunction with the current male hormones present in the body. By using hormone replacement therapy, men are able to naturally restore their testosterone levels in order to regain their healthy lifestyle back. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Toronto is a completely customizable prescription that helps balance the lacking hormone at play, and with the help of a specialized medical professional, an accurate assessment of the correct dose and form of therapy can effectively improve hormone levels.

It is important that a series of test panels are done for each individual to determine the deficiency of each hormone, as there could potentially be more than one problem. Regardless if the client is male or female, if hormones are out of balance and not responding to one another, other issues can occur within the body, causing additional health problems. Insulin resistance, cortisol rises, melatonin suppression and rises in leptin levels can all negatively affect the body. For this reason, the dosing and length of the therapy prescribed remains individualized to each client to make sure safe and effective results are achieved.

BHRT comes in both oral and topical therapies such as oral pills, topical or ingestible oils, patches, musclar or subcutaneous injections, sprays, and even creams. For most men, muscular and subcutaneous injectable hormone replacement therapies are typically favored, however we recommend clients speak to a specialist about their concerns and expectations before seeking immediate therapy.

Here at Youth Medispa, our goal is to provide our clients with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all our cosmetic procedures we offer, and to provide a completely customizable series of treatments to achieve their desired results.

Please note: No prescription medications are stored on our premises. Your Rx prescription will be shipped to your home or office via courier & will require a signature upon arrival.  Your Rx will be custom compounded to the exact dose & requirements for you by a top compounding pharmaceautical specialist.

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