The demand for hair restoration therapy Toronto has been wildly rising to the top of our search engines as there are now more than ever, multiple solutions to restore hair loss. Not only is this treatment amazing for men who are experiencing hair thinning and loss, but women who are experiencing these symptoms too can also find procedures and treatments to solve this issue. The hair restoration therapy Toronto options are limitless, and can be as invasive or non-invasive as one pleases!

One thing we do know, is the hair follicle is self-regenerating and therefore it goes through its stages of growth and shedding on its own. Loss of hair is completely normal and is part of this growth cycle that we all experience. It is when this pattern of growth is interrupted, the regeneration process then loses its engine and steam.

Typically, we associate hair loss with aging men, due to the well-known fact that as men age, their levels of testosterone decrease and levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) increase, causing hair thinning and hair loss. It is for this men experience androgenetic alopecia, or more commonly known as male pattern baldness. Now, even though signs of hair loss and thinning are more apparent amongst men, does not mean women don’t experience similar symptoms. As women’s hormones are constantly fluctuating and changing throughout their lives, their cause of hair loss is not yet clear. However, women also experience thinning of the hair, hair loss, and androgenetic alopecia as they age as well. To summarize all of this with its technical terminology, both men and women experience a shorter androgen stage within the growth cycle, and a longer telogen stage. These stages are the fundamental backbone to a cyclical hair growth pattern, and maintaining healthy and dense hair. With the proper treatment and care, clients are able to help stimulate cell growth and hair restoration Toronto with and without surgery.

There are many treatments and procedures for hair restoration therapy Toronto. The key is understanding at which stage of hair loss, within the Norwood scale, the client is ranking. This scale was developed by Dr. James Hamilton and Dr. O’Tar Norwood which essentially determines which stage of hair thinning or hair loss a client is categorized as. It is important to discuss this with a medical professional before undergoing any invasive or non-invasive treatment as client expectations and goals are extremely important to conceptualize.

Some of the top non-invasive treatments for hair restoration therapy are PRP therapy for hair loss, microneedling with and without PRP for hair therapy, as well as laser hair restoration therapy Toronto using the Erbium laser. These procedures take approximately 30-45 minutes and require virtually no downtime. A series is recommended of anywhere between 3-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, however each client is different and therefore a customized plan should be made for each individual and their needs.

For those clients looking for faster results and who are able to take on a little more downtime, surgery may be a better option. The two types of hair restoration Toronto surgeries that are becoming more and more popular are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both of these surgeries are known for their amazing transformations for both men and women who are experiencing thinning, loss of hair, and baldness. Downtime will require more attention, which ranges from 7-14 days, however every client is different and therefore pre and post-care is of utmost importance to ensure the recovery is quick, smooth, and hairy!

As there are many options for Toronto hair restoration therapy, it is still important for clients to do their homework to see what at-home care is required on their behalf, and what their due diligence will be in order to prolong and maintain results of prp for hair loss treatment toronto.

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