One of the most successful treatments at rejuvenation imperfections on the skin is the IPL treatment Toronto or Photofacial. This procedure uses an Intense Pulse Light that penetrates deep into the skin, destroying its intended target while still leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact. These visible targets are called chromophores, which are comprised of colored compounds within the skin (melanin or hemoglobin). Once the light destroys the chromophore, our bodies natural dispose of it by either absorption or desquamation. The IPL treatment Torotno light source uses a broad-spectrum wavelength, and therefore requires filtered hand-pieces in order to selectively penetrate the skin’s specific conditions. It is this type of energy that allows the IPL treatment Toronto or Photofacial to be one of the most inclusive technologies on the market today.

IPL treatments in Torotno are known to effectively eliminate hyperpigmentation, unwanted hair, redness within the skin such as telangiectasia or flushing rosacea, and is also able to treat stubborn P acne bacteria for cystic acne and oily prone skin. This procedure requires very little downtime with only minor redness and swelling for a couple hours post-treatment. All physical activity can be resumed within 24h, and sun exposure should be limited for up to 2 weeks post-treatment. When undergoing any procedure that photosensitizes the skin, it is very important to routinely apply a proper SPF, and or physical block the UV-rays from the skin with either a hat or an umbrella.

IPL Photofacial results are best achieved with a regimented treatment plan. Depending on how severe the clients skin conditions are, series can vary between 4-6 treatments spaced approximately 4 weeks apart for facial treatments, and usually 6 weeks apart for any body treatments. Within this time, it is highly recommended to document progress to ensure expectations and goals are realistically achieved. This will also allow peace of mind for clients and will visually prove that these treatments do work!

It is important that clients educate themselves on the IPL treatment Torotno or Photofacial and how it works, as it may not be the best option for every person. Clients who suffer from chronic Melasma or who fall within a Fitzpatrick IV-VI skin type should consult a medical professional regarding all possible skin care options before undergoing a light based therapy treatment. In certain cases, the Intense Pulse Light can cause an inflammatory response within the skin that can result in an over-stimulation of melanin. For this, caution and careful assessment prior to these treatments is strongly advised in order to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation, and to avoid any potential side effects.

IPL treatment Toronto or Photofacial treatments provide the skin with an overall brighter and more even complexion. It rejuvenates and revives the skin from the inside out, giving clients a more flawless and well-rested look. IPL treatments Toronto are able to tackle many issues under the skin all at once without needing to consult various other technologies. It has been a staple treatment for several decades and continues to be one of the top researched and requested procedures in the industry.

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