Laser hair removal Toronto is one of the most researched and sought after treatments on the market as clients are wishing more than ever to get rid of excess and unwanted hair. It is a treatment that has been around for many years and continues to improve with its efficiency as time and technology progresses. The newer devices available are able to make hair removal treatments less painful, easier to treat, and are much faster.

Laser hair removal Toronto works by using energy and heat to targeting and destroying the root of the hair follicle. The energy and heat from the hair removal device searches for the pigmented chromophore of the hair follicle and either completely destroys it and or weakens the root. This forces the hair to grow back weaker and thinner over time. Clients who have lighter hair or those wanting to get rid of their peach-fuzz have a much harder time eliminating their hair with these types of devices. Once the hair has been eliminated in the treated area, it cannot grow back with the same density in that area, leaving the skin smoother and hairless.

Laser hair removal can be done on the face and on all areas of the body. Treatment lengths will depend on how many areas are being treated at once, and how large the area is. Standard procedural protocols for laser hair removal Toronto are typically a series of 6-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. This is to ensure that all the hair within that area have been treated to complete! Those clients with stubborn and coarse hair could potentially require more treatments and or touch up sessions if they are wishing to completely remove all their hair. Before any hair removal treatment, clients should shave 24h prior, and should come with their skin clean of any lotions, sprays, or self-tanner. Results are seen anywhere between 6-12 weeks post treatment as the hair goes through its normal growth cycle. Clients should refrain from shaving right after the treatment, and allow the hair to naturally fall out on its own.

These treatments are super easy and require very little downtime, however sun exposure is not recommended during these series. The UV rays from the sun damage the tissues of the skin, and as laser or light therapy use selective photothermolysis to destroy its target, the skin already becomes more photosensitive. For this reason, sun exposure should be avoided for approximately 2 weeks before and after any laser hair removal treatments in Toronto. Clients who have been in the sun and have tanned skin are required to wait until the tan has faded to ensure no post procedure reaction or side effects occur.

The most common medical devices that are used to treat hair removal are the IPL system, the Nd:YaG system and the Diode laser. Each of these devices are able to successfully and safely treat excess and unwanted hair for those clients wishing to get rid of it. Each system is different and has different settings and protocols, therefore it is recommended to consult a medical professional regarding which option is best for your skin and your expectations. In addition, these laser hair removal Toronto are able to treat all skin types and tones, however precaution is used and advised for clients who have darker skin tones to ensure any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is avoided.

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