Masseter Botox Toronto is a non-surgical procedure that helps to shrink the masseter muscle, promoting a more feminine, slimmer, and symmetrical jawline. Specifically for the masseter muscle, Botox is a neuromodulator that works by relaxing this muscle, thus making it shrink in size to adjust asymmetry or to help create a narrower jawline for both men and women. The masseter muscle is one of the largest muscles of the face that is connected to the cheekbone and lower jawbone, which aids mainly with chewing solid foods. This muscle can be easily over-worked and therefore adding a wider and more masculine structure to the face for women, and a more pronounced and disproportionate structure for men. Those who grind their teeth at night or who experience jaw clenching due to anxiety may also have a more pronounced or asymmetrical jawline structure, and also could benefit from Masseter Botox Toronto.


There is no doubt one session of Masseter Botox Toronto can easily help improve results, however series of roughly 3-4 sessions is recommended for those clients who prefer to see more permanent results. The procedure itself takes roughly 10-20 minutes and requires little downtime. During the procedure, a small prick or pinch-like sensation is experienced with a small amount of pressure. Post care instructions are minimal for this procedure however they are quite important. Clients should not lie down for a minimum of 6 hours post treatment, and should not participate in any physical activity for a minimum of 24 hours. Clients may experience minor bruising, swelling or soreness, which starts to improve approximately 2-5 days post treatment. Certain clients with thinner skin who bruise much easier may experience prolonged swelling or bruising, which can take anywhere between 7-14 days to fully resolve.


As everyone’s facial structure and muscle size is different, dosing and routine follow-ups will be client specific. Typically a minimum of 25 units of Masseter Botox Toronto per side is recommended for the masseter muscle, however it may require more or potentially less for certain clients. Results can begin to take place immediately or up to 2-3 weeks post treatment, and can last anywhere between 3-4 months. Some clients have noticed with one simple treatment, results have lasted well-over 4 months, which simply proves that every client reacts and metabolizes the neuromodulator differently. As mentioned above, for those clients wishing to see more drastic and permanent results may require a series of 3-4 treatments spaced approximately 3-4 months apart.  It is important for clients to discuss their questions and concerns with a medical professional to ensure they understand the outcomes and risks, and to make sure expectations are achievable.


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