Trying to distinguish what products are best for your skin can be extremely difficult to do, especially now that the variety of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products on the market are limitless. The toughest part is understanding which products are beneficial for your skin type and conditions, which is much harder to comprehend when the ingredient list at the back of the box is never ending. Furthermore, determining which products are actually penetrating the skin and delivering results is just as difficult to understand as company’s continue to falsely advertise their products and the actual ingredients that you are paying for. Rest assured that the new advances in molecular format and progressions in technology have allowed for skin care products to deliver faster, more concentrated results that leave your skin clear and glowing, and Universkin does just that!

Universkin by Croma is a state-of-the art cosmeceutical skin care line that was designed to be completely customizable to each client’s needs and goals. Whether you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, rosacea or fine lines and wrinkles, Universkin has specialized and customized ingredients to target specific imperfections on the skin with a potent and active serum. The P Serum is a revolutionary oil in water formula that contains organic camelina oil, hyaluronic acid, and a combination of essential peptides. This serum base was designed to perfectly blend with a series of active ingredients that are able penetrate the skin at significant depths in order to create a physical change on the surface of the skin. With 19 active ingredients, many skin combinations of skin types and conditions can be treated at once. Wether a client has fine lines and wrinkles with rosacea or oily skin with hyperpigmentation, the list of active ingredients is able to target and resolve those issues with as little as one round of the P Serum!

Ingredients such as Ferulic Acid, Retinol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, DMAE, Arbutin and many more, deliver its purest activity in powdered form. Whatever the concoction may be, your Skin Care Consultant is able to handcraft your serum right in front of your eyes! To determine which actives are best for your skin, a consultation is recommended with a Skin Care specialist to create the perfect daily serum designed specially for you. Along with the P Serum, Universkin has created several complimentary products that naturally help with keeping the skin hydrated and protected. These additional products can be used on all skin types from oily to dry, and are free of toxins, parabens, and alcohols.