As women’s health issues are becoming more and more recognized, so are the treatments and procedure options in helping women overcome important and personal concerns. With time and age, the physiological changes that occur to the women’s body can potentially and or eventually become life-altering issues that women must deal with everyday. Typically after childbirth or other hormonal stresses like menopause, changes begin to occur within the structure of the pelvic floor and the vaginal walls, causing many unwanted and disruptive side effects. Vaginal rejuvenation Toronto has now been able to help structurally change and enhance the vagina both internally and externally, improving issues such as laxity, stress incontinence, dryness, prolapse, painful intercourse, loss of sensation during intercourse, and more invasively vaginal reconstruction to the exterior aesthetic.

For most women, knowing that there are even treatment options is the first step, where the second requires more discussion and awareness regarding this topic. As solutions used to be scarce and far fewer in between, there are now several options to help with vaginal rejuvenation Toronto. These types of treatments can both be surgical and non-surgical, as well as both ablative and non-ablative.

When looking into non-invasive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation Toronto, there are a variety of different devices that help tightening and improve sexual function. Devices like Radio Frequency and the Erbium ablative/ non-ablative laser are both able to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues. These treatments non-invasively create micro injuries to the vaginal walls, causing the tissues to begin the healing process. This then prompts the collagen reproduction process to kick-start, allowing the tissues to become firmer, stronger, and more lubricated. Depending on which non-invasive treatment is used, usually a series of approximately 3 treatments is required for full results.

This however is a rough guideline, as each device will have its own specific protocols to ensure clients are getting optimal results, therefore a consultation with a medical professional is highly recommended. As both devices use different methods to induce collagen production, they still follow similar post procedure protocols. Typical post procedure protocols require a minimum of 1-2 weeks refraining from sexual intercourse or insertion of any an all objects to ensure the tissues properly heal. However, regular daily routine activities can be resumed almost immediately.

In regards to invasive vaginal rejuvenation Toronto procedures, the option list has become more extensive as the years go by, and therefore are now very dependent on the client’s wants and goals. Whether they are looking for enhancement or rejuvenation on the external or internal tissues of the vagina, these types of procedures will require more downtime, and will have a more specific post-procedure checklist. It is important that clients maintain realistic expectations of their goals, and what results can actually be achieved. Speaking with a medical professional regarding any vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Toronto, pricing, and desired outcome is extremely essential. This will help determine which treatment is best, if the client is an appropriate candidate, and what the best course of action would be to solve and improve their specific needs.

Here at Youth Medispa, our goal is to provide our clients with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all our cosmetic procedures we offer, and to provide a completely customizable series of treatments to achieve their desired results.

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